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Uminsin 2017 Tourism---Qingyuan, GuangXi

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Uminsin 2017 Tourism---Qingyuan, GuangXi

Qingyuan's natural scenery is very beautiful , Uminsin company has arranged the tourism to Qingyuan, Guangxi from 1st Oct. to 4th Oct, 2017.

Qingyuan is popular for its incredible nature scenery, beautiful mountains, rivers and caves. It is known as the “back garden of the Pearl River Delta”and is suitable for tourism all year round.

In this tourism, we have visited many famous sceneries,  sitting on the boat to enjoy the beautiful natural landscape , taking a bamboo raft and enjoying a water fight between staff .

All Uminsin colleagues enjoyed and relaxed in this tourism, and we are expecting for the next tourism……

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