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  • Building a Fully Mobile Officing World
    [Brand news] Building a Fully Mobile Officing World
    After Samsung and Apple launched their new phones in the year, on 16th, October the Chinese giant Huawei takes on with their newest flagship: the Mate 20 series. The Mate 20 series includes four new phones: Mate 20, Mate 20 Pro, Mate 20 X, and Porsche Design Mate 20 RS.The following are some incompl
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  • Little Know Much about USB-C Cable
    [Brand news] Little Know Much about USB-C Cable
    You probably heard or read somewhere that consumers and big electronic companies started to switch to USB-C cables. And yet we only used USB in our daily speech, more and more often you can hear a person is mentioning USB-A, USB-C cables. You might wonder is there a whole alphabet of USB cables out
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  • Uminsin 2017 Tourism---Qingyuan, GuangXi
    [Company events] Uminsin 2017 Tourism---Qingyuan, GuangXi
    Qingyuan's natural scenery is very beautiful , Uminsin company has arranged the tourism to Qingyuan, Guangxi from 1st Oct. to 4th Oct, 2017.Qingyuan is popular for its incredible nature scenery, beautiful mountains, rivers and caves. It is known as the “back garden of the Pearl River Delta” .
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